We are pleased to announce that we have re-commenced our face to face training sessions. These will take place with additional precautions and Infection Prevention measures in order to comply with national Government guidance and guidance from my awarding body OFQUAL and the Resuscitation Council UK.  

Below is the outline of our risk assessment and precautions we have decided to take in order to minimise the transmission risk to both candidates and trainers. This information will be updated and adapted as government guidance changes over the coming weeks/months. 
The person setting up the room will be free from fever, coughs, cold and flu. Hands must be washed for at least 20 seconds before setting up the room. 
Nitrile glove worn during set up. 
Where possible, delegates are encouraged to bring their own equipment. 
Pens and materials (if supplied) must be wiped with antibacterial wipes before course.  
No delegates are allowed in the room until set up is complete. 
Delegates, upon arrival must remain in their vehicles. 
Delegates will be allowed to enter the training room one at a time keeping a distance of a least 1-2 metres between each other. 
The room will be set up with a least 1-2 metres separation in all directions between all personnel. 
Signing in will be done at the delegates desk. 
Delegates will be asked to complete a track and trace form in order to ensure that we have contact details should a candidate screen positive following a training course. 
The instructor will keep 1-2 steps back and spend no more than 10 minutes with each delegate. 
All persons will be free from fever, coughs, cold and flu. 
Anyone displaying any of these will be asked to leave immediately. 
All delegates will be asked if they have had any contact with other persons displaying Covid symptoms. 
The training room will stay ventilated at all times, such as sufficient windows being open. 
Delegates must be asked to leave the room one by one with at least 1 meter spacing. 
Delegates must be discouraged from congregating together at break. 
Delegates will be asked to bring and eat their lunch in own vehicles or using social distancing measures. 
Additional Processes for First Aid Training that we will have implemented: 
Manikins must be cleaned prior to course. 
Manikins should be fitted with fresh lungs and filters prior to the course. 
Best practice would be a manikin for each learner – where this cannot be achieved it is acceptable for 1 manikin to be shared between 2 learners. 
It is acceptable for learners to put themselves into the recovery position to maintain social distancing, however they must explain the 10 steps of the recovery position. 
** Please note that should social distancing not be possible due to room size restrictions, candidates and trainer will be required to wear PPE (mask, gloves and apron) in order to minimise transmission risks as per government guidance (this should be provided by candidates employer).** 
For further information regarding COVID 19 and government guidance in relation to training requirements/restrictions, please see the following links: 
To discuss your requirements please call me on 01234 344925 or 07793 531197 
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