Require an AED for your home, buisness, workplace, community centre, school, village hall?  
Then First Aid Interventions are here to help. 
First Aid Interventions can supply and offer you training in the use of the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and we are able to direct you and advise regarding which specific AED is best for you if you haven't yet purchased one.  
The AED device is a convenient and portable device that is used to detect abnormal heart rhythms that can result in cardiac arrest. The device is able to identify specifically the shockable rhythems and when appropriate it will advise to deliver a shock to the casualty. 
We are proud to announce we are an authorised supplier of the iPAD SP1 and 2 AED device.  
We specifically chose to work with this device for a number of key reasons; firstly this device has been nominated by the British Heart Foundation as a leading device in the ADE market. Secondly this device uses a duel pad concept where-by the pads are interchangable for both peadiatric and adult casualties, therefore no changing of pads or choosing specific pads in the event of a cardiac arrest and additionally only 1 set of pads to replace. Finally the iPAD SP1 and 2 are compatable with the ambulance service systems making for a quicker and swifter transfer of casualty. We would also like to highlight that the device comes with a 7 year standard warrenty which can be extended to 10 years upon registration. 
When you purchase an AED iPAD SP1 or 2 device through First Aid Interventions we will provide you with comprehensive AED training using the iPAD training device ensuring you are familliar with the device and how it works in the event of an emergency and additionally how to check your device for maintinence. First Aid Interventions will also ensure a swift set up of your device as part of our service. Should additional products such as a locked storage box and signage be required this can be added to your order and a quote provided. 
AED training is best delivered in combination with Basic Life Support (BLS)/CPR and is included in our BLS/CPR course. 
please refer to BLS course content for further details. 
More product information regarding iPAD SP1 is available here: 
For Guidance from Resuscitation Council UK: A guide to Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs): 
For Further information regarding: 'How and When to use a defibrillator', British Heart Foundation: 
For more information regarding this course or combining this course with other courses please contact us to discuss your needs.  
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